Sustainability is sewn into the fabric of everything we do — from how our clothing is made to the work we do to help protect our planet.


Levi Strauss & Co. has a long history of caring — both for the communities in which we work and live, and for the environment. We believe that making a mark in the world is about what you do, but also how you do it.

For us, both the what and the how has been guided by the same values since our founding in 1853. Those values? Empathy. Originality. Integrity. Courage.

We like to say that our company and our products are Made of Progress, in part because we have a long history of firsts. Of leading. Of making a difference.

We strive to leverage our iconic brands to drive positive, sustainable change and profitable business results. By making products that last, we’ve taken a serious approach to sustainability — one that began more than 140 years ago when that first rivet-reinforced blue jean was crafted. And more recently we’ve built on that legacy with a scientific approach to making our product life cycle even more sustainable, leading to innovations like Water<Less™ and Waste<Less™.

Ultimately, it takes more than one company to make a difference. By sharing our approaches with others — and they with us — we can work together to move our industry forward while reducing our impact on the planet. Sure, we’re a leader, but through collaboration and cooperation with governments, NGOs, suppliers and even competitors, we can ensure the progress we make is shared. And, as a result, people everywhere can benefit. That’s true progress.


We strive to do the right thing, and we know that our actions speak louder than words. With that in mind, we work to ensure that the decisions we make in the area of sustainability are governed in a way that reflects our overall commitment at all levels of Levi Strauss & Co.

Our commitment to sustainability goes far beyond regulatory compliance or minimizing the environmental impact of our business practices. Our vision is to build sustainability into everything we do, so that our profitable growth helps restore the planet.

Our Vice President of Sustainability reports to the Chief Supply Chain Officer and is a member of the Supply Chain Leadership team. The Sustainability Vice President leads a global team of professionals, each responsible for a geographical region or functional area.

The Sustainability Leadership Team crafts the company’s sustainability strategies in partnership with leaders from the different business units. The team defines global targets and measures progress.

Sustainability is deeply embedded into our products, our culture, and our business. Responsibilities for sustainability goals are embedded in business functions. Business unit leaders have sustainability goals included in their strategic plans and are held accountable for meeting these goals.

The Board of Directors’ Nominating, Governance and Corporate Citizenship Committee assists the board in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities on corporate governance matters. These responsibilities include identifying and recommending nominees to the Board and reviewing the size, structure, composition, functioning, and compensation of the board and its committees. This Committee also assists the board with oversight and review of corporate citizenship and sustainability matters that may have a significant impact on the company.

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