We believe that “later” too often means “never” in the fight for a socially just world. Through our public policy advocacy, our media and advertising presence, and our work in the community, we aim to influence how people around the world perceive and treat others.

By letting our company voice be heard, we act as a force for change, supporting the movement toward an equitable society for all. We are engaged in the battle for equal rights on many fronts: racial, gender, sexual and economic:

  • Racial equality: We integrated our factories years before desegregation was required by federal law.
  • Marriage equality: We’ve long been committed to marriage equality and the fundamental right for all to marry.
  • Gender equality: The company supports the United Nation’s Women’s Empowerment Principles, which helps guide actions that advance and empower women in the workplace, marketplace, and community. We’ve also partnered with Business for Social Responsibility on the HERproject, which educates apparel factory workers about health and access to health services. This factory-based, peer-education model has proven successful and is being expanded to include financial literacy training through HERfinance.
  • Economic equality: The Levi Strauss Foundation has been a pioneer in the asset building movement, seeking fresh solutions to intergenerational poverty by focusing on public policies and programs that enable low-income working people to accumulate valuable assets. The Levi Strauss Foundation was the first corporate foundation to support a groundbreaking pilot called the American Dream Demonstration — the first large-scale test of matched savings accounts for the working poor devoted to purchasing a home, paying for college or skills training, and starting a small business. The Levi Strauss Foundation continues to fund pioneering asset building programs and advocacy – benefitting low-income people in the United States and apparel workers around the world.