Levi Strauss & Co. is driven by strong values, creativity and hard work. Using innovative, sustainable and progressive practices isn’t just how we make our jeans and other products — it’s a principle we value in all of our work.

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LS&Co. Employees Get a Sneak Peek at Levi’s® Stadium

Before the doors open to the public, before the 49ers take the field, and before fans can cheer them on to victory, more than 2,100 Levi Strauss & Co. employees,…


Agents of Sustainable Change

For more than 160 years, Levi Strauss & Co. has endured by staying true to our values – empathy, originality, integrity and courage, so it’s always an honor to recognize…

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TBT: The World’s Oldest Pair of Pants Are 3,000 Years Old

This year, Science News uncovered a brand new discovery—the world’s oldest pair of pants. Their age? Roughly about 3,000-3,300 years old! The remains of the men who wore those pants…