Levi Strauss & Co.

One Link in Our Supply Chain: Cambodia

As the head of the Levi Strauss & Co. global supply chain, one of my responsibilities is to… /

Big Company. Smaller Footprint

Levi Strauss & Co. is not an energy company. But when we add up all the small ways… /

In Good Company

Freedom House—an independent watchdog organization dedicated to expanding freedom around the world—recently held its annual awards event in… /

A Day at the Park

Time was, you could count on the town you live in to make sure the parks in your… / /

Turning the Tide Together

A bit of history was made last week in Washington, DC, as the world saw the International HIV/AIDS… / /

What Would the End of AIDS Mean to You?

… the end of sadness for many people around the world … saving a lot of lives including… / / / /

Street Smarts

If homeless “street children” were among the most vulnerable to HIV/AIDS in your city, how would you reach… / /

Dreams of Fashion Design, Tomorrow.

When it comes to fashion design, a lot of people’s opinions about the industry are shaped by popular… / / /

Celebrating Courage

“I was dead when I got to WORLD, but it has saved my life,” one woman living with… / / / /

A Woman Who Makes Our Clothes

It takes one motorboat ride and a half-hour walk through the Guatemala highlands to get to my job… / / / / / / / /